Valentine Loving


So no val…it seems like my cupid was sleeping on the job, probably drunk from happy juice and sleeping under a tree shed with a smile on its face…smh. Well that didn’t     stop me from having fun and loving self. Which I strongly advice and believe is the most important.

Vals day had the perfect weather for swimming, so my girls (Ng, @Fresh2cute and @Missdeeadaora) and I did just that. Then we decided to go for dinner at Woks and Koi. In my previous post I mentioned that I had not visited the main restaurant at Silverbird, Abuja but instead frequent the Woks and Koi Express at Wuse 2, that is closer to work. So this time around I decided to order something different from my usual order of Singapore Noodles and Chicken in Chiili Sauce…being adventurous and all, you know.

I ordered Chicken Rice Noodles with Prawns in Chilli Sauce and my friends ordered Shrimp Fried Rice with Fried Beef Ginger in Oyster Sauce.

Fried Beef Ginger in Oyster Sauce
Prawns in Chilli Sauce


Fried Rice with Shrimps


My verdict: Delicious food, lovely ambiance…I was expecting something different when I ordered the Chicken Rice Noodles but I got something similar to Singapore Noodles, so it wasn’t adventurous after all. The Fried Beef Sauce was heaven…so tender and so were the Prawns. Although the manager was polite and attending to customers needs, the waiters were slow to take our order and seemed confused…probably overwhelmed from how busy it was since it was valentines day…we asked for a bucket of ice and got a suspiciously dirty-looking bucket with a dead mosquito inside and the ice looked dirty too, I almost called NAFDAC hotline. I think I will just stick to the Woks and Koi Express for now.

wpid-20150214_1947242.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150214_2057002.jpg.jpeg

A photo posted by Miriam Nwosah (@xentricmi) on

A photo posted by Miriam Nwosah (@xentricmi) on


Address:Silverbird Entertainment Centre (2nd floor)
Plot 1161, Memorial Drive,
Central Business District, Abuja.

Phone: +234 909 347 6816

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