UBER where is the Pizza? 

You see,  I  was on my own minding my business when Uber announced that on Thursday,  1st of September they will be giving out Free Pizzas through their collaboration with The Gourmet Pizza Company in Abuja…well I  am yet to receive my pizza still in the oven,  stone or Stomach oven,  I wonder….

Great! I, with immediate alacrity downloaded the App,  asked all my Foodmily to do same….
Time to order,  I  started to use the Uber App… There’s nothing I did not do. Mind you I was still at home waiting for the almighty Uber Cab with my Pizza to take me to work. See below experience in pictures… This is when I  gave up!

Pizza in the oven, Ok cool

Requesting that Pizza, thank you

Hmmm so this pizza is in what kind of oven? Stone or Stomach?

In my conclusion,  their drivers ate the pizzas, because I  am not the only one complaining…. See below comments from their instagram account

I can count the people that got their special pizza with my fingers… People even moved location for this pizza and it still didn’t work!  Its not fair and it ain’t cool! Next time give out what you promised instead of false hope.

My advice for next time: I believe you guys have to repeat this promo to make up for all the heart breaks.  So here is how you do it:

  • Make sure the App is in top form,  working with the speed of light.
  • Actually buy the Pizzas,  you guys are rich c’mon.
  • Tie your drivers mouths, you don’t expect a driver to be inhaling freshly baked pizza and not eat it. That is exactly what I would do if I  was your driver.

Let me know when you have put these things in place. Un-installing the Uber App now!

Thanks,  but no thanks!

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