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wpid-wp-1423700196190.jpegTimes like this, I love my job. Its mid day and my colleagues suggested we go for afternoon drinks. The venue is called Shop and Play and its located in the Heroes Plaza at Wuse 2, Abuja. The concept is a bar positioned in the middle of a shopping hall that has stalls for various businesses ranging from boutiques to event planners and home decor. Its a brilliant idea to get people knocked out while they shop, as long as it doesnt get out of hand. For drinks we had their pina colada, chapman, tropicana tropicana and sex on the beach. For food we ordered their Chicken Ceaser Salad and paninis. image image image

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I had the pina colada and I thought it was ok but it could be better. The salad stole the show! Best salad I ever had both home and abroad…it was everything a ceaser salad should be, the sprinkle of dried cranberries gave it the kick ….and not surprising it was made by a French Chef and we were told that they import some of their ingredients to maintain a standard…all I know is that I cleaned plate as seen below and I would not mind revisiting.
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Check out their drinks menu…the names of some of these drinks though…sliperry nipple? blowjob for women? I wonder how they came about these names…what would you be having?


Location:Heroes Plaza, Ademola Adetokumbo Way, Wuse 2, Abuja
Phone Number: 0803 654 0783
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  1. ehnnnn…. i had to go there yesterday. it was very nice. by the way, does your HR Manager know you go to have afternoon alcoholic drinks? and then go back to work smiling sheepishly?

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