Review: The Stories of Mama Oyo’s Amala


Hmm where shall I begin? The story of Mama Oyo’s Amala has been told all over town….you hear it in office gossip, you hear it in friends gossip and even family gossip…ah the story is being told on the mountains and in the seas! But no matter how much the story has been told, it has always ended with a question that has not been answered. Many fear to ask, others who do, do so in their tight circles, afraid to speak out. The question is “Why are we all addicted to Mama Oyo’s Amala? So being a foodie extraordinaire, I ventured to find the answer to that question on your behalf. Aren’t I nice?…Read more after the cut…

Chauffeured by my colleague, we arrived at the scene of the investigation, Mama Oyo’s Restaurant, some call it Madam Yo Restaurant, located at Finance Junction, Wuye, Abuja.

On getting there, I was surprised to see all sorts of flashy cars parked in front of the restaurant. The park was virtually full to capacity. I looked at my colleague and asked “Is it just amala they sell here or..what? I feel like we just drove into a shopping mall of some sort because the people who drove these flashy cars can’t all be here for just amala.” my colleague smiled, gave me a blank look and said “wait and see”.



Walking into the restaurant, I was told to grab a plate and join the queue…hmm thats strange, I’m used to sitting down and getting my order taken by a waiter…anyway, do like the romans when in rome, I thought to myself….getting closer to the service counter and being guided by my experienced colleague, I stretched out my plate to the lady on the other side of the counter and told her what I wanted..Amala and Ewedu Soup mixed with Gbegiri Soup and Assorted Meat.

Amala and Ewedu Soup mixed with Gbegiri Soup and Assorted Meat.

Lunch is served. Investigation mode activated….ok lets see what the fuss is all about…first taste….second taste…. third this point I said to my colleague “you are wicked! So you knew of this place since and you didn’t tell me sooner, You are just wicked!” lol…he started to explain, I ignored him and focused on my investigation.

My Vedict: The truth is that there is actually nothing extraordinary about the dish. It was simply amala made by an expert, ewedu and stew that tasted good. The meat was a bit tough so there was a bit of a struggle…other than that it was an ok dish. To answer the question “why are we all addicted to mama oyo’s amala?” I would say the answer must be in the novelty of how people, young or old , rich or poor, queue up, plate in hand, to buy mama oyo’s food.  That is my take on the matter. Others will say na juju or jazz…iyaba sira things lol. The meal cost a delicious price of N350.00.

That reminds me of a story I heard of some people who have been going to the Mama Oyo’s Restaurant so frequently that they recognize  themselves when they meet in town randomly.  Just imagine seeing someone in a supermarket and they are looking at you like they know the face..they walk up to you and say “you look familiar, do you eat at Mama Oyo?” LMAO addiction!

Feed your eyes


The matter is serious when grown men will line up for this amala
She’s thinking I came to steal their secret ingredient
Kpomo in Stew
My colleague had Rice and Stew

Address: Finance Junction, Wuye, Abuja.
Restaurant Type: Buka

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    1. This queuing up for amala is common in Naija, esp Lagos
      ..but not in all restaurants, just the iyaba sira ones

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