The Nigerian Fusion Food Tour by Chef Imoteda and Chef Fregz 

Chef Imoteda and Chef Fregz are on a mission to introduce the world to Nigerian Cuisines.  Their first stop was Abuja and we were there to taste and snap as usual. We enjoyed the six course meal so much..

Yam and Goat Meat
Chicken Pepper Soup
Seafood Moi-Moi

Need I say too much,  the experience was amazing,  there’s no way to really give a justifiable description of the blend of flavours,  you have to experience it yourself. It’s new,  it’s different and exciting!

They even win our Dope Chefs of the Year award!

With Chef Imoteda and Chef Fregz

Apart from Abuja,  the chefs had the food tour in London, Baltimore,  Chicago,  Atlanta,  Toronto and now 1 city left,  Lagos! There would be there on the 8th of December 2016.

If you are interested in taking your tastebuds on an adventure,  then you should book your tickets now! You won’t be disappointed.  Trust me.

Go get your tickets now! Check out @thenfft @hitkitchenng on instagram for more information.  Watch the full video >>>

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