The Jollof Detective


See this Jollof! colleagues suggested we tried a new joint for work lunch, trust me for being adventurous in such matters. So we took like a 10 minutes ride from our office to the car park of the Ministry of Justice, Abuja, then walked to the first canopy on the right…it was there that I met this Jollof!

20150224_140214 20150224_140206

My verdict: What I ordered was jollof rice with salad, moimoi, fish and meat and it cost me N550.00..bargain! and the plate was looking palatably busy and it tasted good too. Now when I get back to my work desk, all I will be thinking of is this jollof lol

Location: Federal Ministry of Justice, Kur Mohammed Ave, Abuja

Owners Name: Queen

Phone Number: 08066058878

On the Map:

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  1. Now this is the kind of spot that resonates with me. Somewhere I can regularly eat rich and delicious meals, as a wife-less man without having to be afraid of moving back to the village due to expenses. Thankfully, this place is not so far from my workplace and I’ll definitely be paying a visit based on your recommendation.

    Hope she does not use that secret ingredient that restaurant owners are famous for, na there wahala go dey o.

    1. Thanks for your comment MaiSuya, speaking of secret ingredients I personally dont mind if she puts iyaba sira jazz or juju…as a child of God! e no go catch me! After I kabbash on that Jellof, the thing go respect na

      1. Your hunger for Jollof is no respecter of juju. Lol

        I seriously can’t wait for Monday to come. Maybe I’ll get lucky and meet you there. Then you could write on “Love in Jollofland”

        1. Awww Abisola dont worry, whenever you come to Abuja you can get your fix…btw are there cool places to eat at Abeokuta? You can share with us by logging in, and uploading your pictures with short reviews..

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