The Boli is Mine

Boli and Roasted Yam with Fish Tail and Kpomo


The Boli is Mine…Yea I said it…Im not ashamed of my boli and the buka that I buy it from, which is located behind Otis Carpet Plaza, Wuse 2, Abuja. Just take a look at this boli, with roasted fish tail and kpomo…and tell me if you won’t drag this boli with me like Brandy and Monica (The boy is mine) lol…

When its lunch time, my colleagues and I look forward to see Ms. Patience (a.k.a P) and her boli of course. No matter how hot it is in the day, we will brave the heat to eat this delicious Nigerian delicacy. I think what makes boli mouth watering for me, is the blend of the partially ripe sweet plantain and the savory taste of the pepper sauce. Then of cause that taste and smell of ash that the charcoal used to roast the plantain gives it…hmmm. Just feed your eyes…hmm

The ever smiling Ms P doing her thing


On the grill – Yam and Plantain


The take-away version, sold in nylon bags


For those asking “what the heck is Boli?”, well it is the name given to unripe or slightly ripe plantain that is roasted over a charcoal grill. Usually served with pepper sauce and roasted fish or kpomo. Kpomo is cow hides that is processed and cooked until soft…devoid of nutritional value. We just chew it because our fore-fathers did.

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  1. Great post Mimi!! That plate was definitely enticing! Lol…but kpomo has emotional value o! It makes too many ppl happy!

    1. Thanks Wande! OMG! Emotional value o! Thats a new one…the most annoying kpomo is the one that slaps back when u try to take a bite..urgh!

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