Sunday Brunch at The Quarter


One of my very good friend @ini9149 suggested we go for brunch at The Quarter @qcafeabuja.  She said she has heard good reviews about the place and thought we should check it out.

I also remembered that a friend had sought my advice as a food blogger on where she can have proper British Breakfast in Abuja and at the time,  I  had no solid idea.  So I was excited to discover this new place that serve all kinds of Breakfast all day long…

(Pls note they sell more than breakfast).

We got there and was greeted by a courteous waiter,  she took our order and as we waited for our order to arrive, I  was enjoying the decor of the restaurants.  It has monochrome style interior,  with paintings on the wall… I discovered the paintings are from the Art Splash Studio event @artsplashstudio (click link for more info) that takes place at the venue.  Not bad… I wouldn’t mind attending a class..




We ordered their American Breakfast with Waffles N2, 500, American Breakfast with Pancakes N2, 500 and Waffles Chicken Burger N2, 500.

My description of my experience :

Food is here! Yay! That didn’t take long, nice!…. Hmm yum yum yummy…3 seconds later… Food us gone!

Me: Who stole my food?

I think I literally snuffed my food,  it was that good guys!  The restaurant owner thought I was rushing my food to meet up with their closing time,  she started to explain really nicely that we didn’t need rush but it just meant their kitchen was closed… Lol it was so funny!

Everything was perfect! Light,  fluffy,  tender on the inside and crisp on the outside waffles,  delicious scrambled eggs, tasty sausage and bacon… My friend was going to complain about the one piece of bacon,  she thought it should’ve been at least two pieces, but by the time she was done with her meal,  she decided she would forgive them for that part… Lol.. Let’s not forget the presentation… Tres beau… Excuse my French,  The Quarter is a Bourgeois Boutique Cafe. 😊

I’m going there again!  Definitely!

Watch Video below



6 Tapeta St. British Village. Wuse 2



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