[Special Post]-International Women’s Day-March 8th

Happy Womens Day 8

Good morning all hope we are having a fantastic weekend. I am having a restful weekend as this is my anniversary weekend. With that said I wanted to touch on something a little different today, with tomorrow being International Women Day and all. How many of us ladies notice that the older our men get, the more handsome they become, while we women tend to look tired, older and worn out. I have been noticing this for a while now with couples that have been at least 10 years together, well ladies in case you have not noticed, please do. Due to pregnancy, childbirth, menstruation, menopause and the wonderful perks of being a female, our body tends to feel more stressed than the male. This may be funny, but the more sex these guys have, the better they look and the more tired we become.International Women Week

Let me sight a personal experience, my five-year old daughter is a little diva and tells it as it is, one day we were all dressing up to go out to dinner. Usually she is always filled with praises of our fabulous, and pretty I look. But on this day she was reluctant (my weight was 165lbs) to even say I looked good, all she said was “well mama you look ok, but daddy looks very handsome”. She went on “Wow daddy you look great”. I took a second look in the mirror and realized I was beginning to lose it. That was a wake-up call for me to get myself together. I don’t want to be one of those women that look ten years older than their husband while he looks like a college student.


At bedtime that night, I told my husband that “while I am glad you look great for your age. I am not going to let you wear me out; we are both going to look fabulous till we get old.  LOL.” The next day my friend in California sent me a picture of herself and her husband fishing, and I was like no it is happening to her too. I picked up the phone and told her what my daughter said and how it made me realize I need to get myself back. Having three kids in 3 years can be tough on the body, but it is no excuse for me to let myself go and let everything hang.  My friend was like, well she has bigger bones than her husband that is why he looks better and fit. I stopped her before she could even go further, have you seen your x-ray recently? Every skeleton and bone are the same. There is nothing like a big bone. I said look at Jenifer Hudson I am sure her bones did not shrink when she lost all that weight and all the people on the biggest loser, they lost fat not their bone size.

So ladies let us all get up from the couch and get our act together. We all need to love what we see in the mirror; there is no excuse to remain overweight when we have something that can correct it. Not surgery, not fad diet just doing it the right way and enjoying every bit of it. Have fun ladies, and remember you are better than you think.

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  1. Nice write up, I agree with you…women tend to forget themselves as they grow older, especially when they have kids and that shouldn’t be the case. I believe eating healthy and working out to stay fit and attractive should be done for the love you have for yourself first before you can now be able to love others, including husband and children…no need to let things go lose and fat

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