It has been a thing of expectancy in the minds of all and sundry most especially, Muslim during the Eid-El-Kabir celebration/ Sallah holidays – “quest for meat”.
As a matter of fact, there is a process attached to this ‘Sallah meat hunt’ and it goes thus:
1.Remember your generous Muslim friends.
Seriously speaking, Not every Muslim is interested in having people over for Sallah. Some celebrate Eid el Kabir by killing rams so they can stock up meat for the rest of the year. Ensure you know which of your friends are generous enough to accept to invite you in celebrating with him.
2. Call them constantly before the season
Obviously, You can’t go around calling people at the last minute. Because we are all humans, they will know that you had called because you have a need, so It is imperative that you call to check on your Muslim friends. Find out how they’re doing. Don’t forget to drop hints about their incoming Sallah meat. This aids T.O.M.R (Top Of Mind Remembrance).
4. Find out how, where and when it’s going down.
Will they be throwing a party? Will they be having strictly family over or a ‘just come and eat setting’? You have to know these things in order to plan and dress appropriately for the occasion.
5. Show up.

If you don’t, someone else will.
6. Eat as much as you can. Also, get a bowl ready.

Sallah meat happens once in a year. Don’t waste people’s food. Bring your plastic bowls along if you can.

7. Remember to share the little you have with those that don’t have

Not everyone is as lucky as you are. Many don’t have the strength to go through this process, hence, it is will be nice if you put these people in your thoughts when you’re ‘taking away’ your Sallah abundance.
8. Never you forget to say thank you



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