Review: Fresh Delish Plantain Chips

FreshDelish-20So after like three weeks of anticipation and longing, I finally got my tasty treats personally delivered by the owner of Fresh Delish plantain chips. YAAAAAAAAY!  I have to state here though that I  am not really a plantain chips fan to be honest, this is mainly due to the ‘calorie counting’ lifestyle I have adopted as well as the fact that I just got tired and disappointed in the available ones being sold nowadays… I think Fresh Delish might have changed that though, I just might become a believer all over again and it feels exciting like all new adventures .LOL!

Upon opening the bag of chips, I was impressed by the neatness of the packaging.

FreshDelish-8It looked fresh and carefully put together, but I didn’t want to judge the chips by its covering, so I dug in! Though not before taking the beautiful pictures, trust me, that could have easily happened because once I started eating, I did not want to stop. The plantain chips were ‘deliciousness defined’. It took willpower to remember I wasn’t just ‘snacking’ and also the fact that I had to have at least one or two opinions from other people. So I stopped munching reluctantly, took the pictures then went to share the chips with my colleagues for their feedback.

Joba (9 years old):

‘I like the how it’s crunchy and delicious’, he said with a smile.

Aisha (colleague 1):

‘I like that its crisp and fresh , but it tastes like any other  regular plantain chips’.

Jane (colleague 2)

‘The chips are thinly cut and very crispy. the packaging is handy. However, its not enough and the design isn’t memorable or catchy’.( these reasons asides, she loved them and ordered five of every of flavour!)

The general consensus was that it was indeed FRESH and DELICIOUS. Hence, it is aptly named. It’s tasty, crunchy, filling, sizable, handy and neatly packaged. I mince no words when I say the taste of the ‘pudding’ (chips) was indeed in the eating. Getting to taste, snap and review Fresh Delish was a good experience for me and also worth the wait.

Plantain Chips (Samples Sizes- the second from the right is the actual size)

Fresh delish comes in ‘Original Sweet’( ripe), ‘Classic Unripe’ and ‘Sweet ‘n’ Spicy’ flavours and they all taste as promised/ labelled. I took my time to really savour its crunchy deliciousness and every package did justice. In all, Fresh Delish is a product I will recommend you to taste, get it as a snack for work, in your children’s lunch boxes, for your guests , for your events, for your loved ones and even for tour gateman.


On my part though, I think the paper with the logo and every other information could be slightly bigger and more legible. Also, ingredients/nutritional facts can be added as well, not just in case of allergies but basically so you know what you are consuming. It was also a tad difficult to open . Regardless, Fresh Delish plantain chips should go a long way as it is worth its taste in gold. And it is all that and a bag of chips! (See what i did there?) lol

I’ll rate it 4/5.

Fresh Delish is starting their retail push and targeting Lekki, V.I., and Ikoyi outlets over the next few weeks, but you can order directly now by calling 09085400366 or 09038356875; via Whatsapp to 08168081825; or via email to
Also follow on Twitter and Instagram : @fresh_delish


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