For a long time, most folks had the notion that the potatoes  was an unhealthy and fattening food loaded only with calories and starch. How far  they were from the truth, not only were potatoes falsely accused, but  their good points went virtually unnoticed.

The tables have turned, of course, and none too soon, concerns about fat and sodium, potatoes have little .potatoes are one of the best fiber foods, it have the capacity to lower cholesterol. Blood pressure experts have long suspected that a healthy potassium intake is beneficial. Recently, though, evidence  linking potassium intake directly to protection from stroke.

To keep the potassium in potatoes, its best not to boil it.


Keep potatoes in a cool, dark place

Do not keep in refrigerator.

Don’t store potatoes near apples, as doing s may alter their taste.

When cooking, check for green  sprouts and spots, cut out any that are present, scrub them well.

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