Valentine Loving


So no val…it seems like my cupid was sleeping on the job, probably drunk from happy juice and sleeping under a tree shed with a smile on its face…smh. Well that didn’t     stop me from having fun and loving self. Which I strongly advice and believe is the most important.

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Best Chicken Wings


These chicken wings that I have had several times can be found at Hooters. Hooters is a cozy outdoor bar that is located at Wuse 2, Abuja across the White House building. Its cozy because they have couches that you can lounge on while enjoying the music, food and drinks. The music is always good, it will get you nodding your head to the rhythm while you enjoy the best chicken wings. On the menu the chicken wings is called Hot Chilli Chicken Wings and they are fried just right so that it has the right amount of crunch on the outside and juicy on the inside.

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Time to shop and play

wpid-wp-1423700196190.jpegTimes like this, I love my job. Its mid day and my colleagues suggested we go for afternoon drinks. The venue is called Shop and Play and its located in the Heroes Plaza at Wuse 2, Abuja. The concept is a bar positioned in the middle of a shopping hall that has stalls for various businesses ranging from boutiques to event planners and home decor. Its a brilliant idea to get people knocked out while they shop, as long as it doesnt get out of hand. For drinks we had their pina colada, chapman, tropicana tropicana and sex on the beach. For food we ordered their Chicken Ceaser Salad and paninis.

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Fine Dining at Chopsticks-Singapore Noodles


The weekend is here again and this time its different because I do not have to go to work, which was becoming regular. Anyway after having enough rest, my friend and I decided to check out Chopsticks Restaurant. I have had their appetizers as takeaway but haven’t eaten in before. So I was looking forward to it. I decided to go for their Singapore noodles, because I feel that’s the safest meal to order in a Nigerian Chinese restaurant to avoid being disappointed. Plus I am used to eating the Singapore noodles at .Woks and Koi Express and I wanted to compare.

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Friends meetup at The Dunes

IMG_3172 - CopyIt was time to catch up with friends and so we decided to head to The Dunes. I have heard a lot about that place but never been there. Dunes in Abuja is a one stop spot, it has about two restaurants for all sorts of food options, it has a supermarket that includes a bakery and you can do your grocery shopping as well, it also comprises of residential flats for rent. So if you live there you basically wont have to leave the building for anything…. We had dinner at the restaurant on the ground floor, the outdoor section is quite very relaxing as the walls have a custom made waterfall, which gives the place a tranquil ambiance.

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Best pizza I ever had….in Nigeria

Whenever I need to beige, I have 3 food items to choose from, and in no particular order (as it highly depends on what I am in the mood for) they are (1) Pizza (2) Chocolate (3) Fajitas or Burrito or Tacos (Mexican Food)…


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Welcome to Taste and Snap

Hi there! Welcome to Taste and Snap, so you might be wondering, what this blog is all about, well there is a story behind it…lol actually there’s no story just a conversation I was having with my bro that went like this:

Me “I want to start a new blog about food”

Bro “Cool, what will it be all about?”

Me “Since people in general like to take pictures of their food and post on instagram and facebook, why is there no website that can help people locate the restaurants where they can enjoy the same food that looks good in pictures?”

Bro “Yeah sounds like a website worth creating”

End of conversation lol…..not really.

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