Its Happy Easter! Not Ease’ter-Biobak Take Note


Happy Easter! I’m sure you guys might be wondering what I had for Easter..well, by now most of you, after reading my blogs, must have concluded that I am a lazy cook and that I probably ate out on Easter day as usual…well you are total wrrrright. On Saturday, my mum knowing her daughter very well had to prepare my mindset for the Sunday banquet she had hoped that I would prepare, she goes “So Miriam sweetie, what are you cooking tomorrow, for Easter?” My reply “Lets wait and see, shall we?” ….

Its Easter Sunday and off to church I went, on my return food was ready…Jollof Rice prepared by the mum. I’m surprised that she didn’t even bother to wait and see what I had planned. Nonetheless, I invited my friend to come over anyway so we can cook a banquet…as I needed motivation…she comes over and confesses that she didn’t come to my house to cook but to hangout because shes bored and lazy to do anything. Hmmm…thats not encouraging..I mean from one lazy cook to another…

In comes mum from church…at this point, feeling guilty and all, I mustered all my energy, got off the couch! and….. suggested we go out and eat instead.

Mum likes Nigerian delicacies, so it had to be a Nigerian Restaurant. I suggested Biobak Restaurant located at Garki 2, Abuja. Off we went…getting there we were greeted with variety of dishes to choose from…Mum went for pounded yam and vegetable soup with her favorite, Stockfish. I had assorted meat, fried yam and egg. My friend had rice and chicken curry sauce with assorted meat. The damage was N13,000.00. Honestly, when the cashier told me the cost I almost had a mini heart attack…N13K for what?! I thought. But I paid as a hard babe! Then went to our table to study the receipt…I see where the major damage was done…Stockfish X1 cost N1,900.00, Snails X2 cost 2,400.00…hmmm, what matters is that mum enjoyed herself.

Plate it all! Fried Yam, Fried Eggs, Fried Rice and Chicken Curry Sauce, with Assorted Meat



Plate of Assorted Meat, Goat Meat, Snails

Vegetable Soup with Stockfish, mums special!
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The food was delicious no doubt but it does not justify the price.

Fast forward to Easter Monday, what wakes me up from sleep is a natural cleanse…the kind done in the toilet!!! Ok now I am angry, what kind of expensive food gives stomach upset! At this point Im telling myself “Never Again!!!” If I ever eat at Biobak again, it has to be for free! That way, I know what Im getting myself into. Now Iv got a flat tummy like Rihannanana!
Speaking of Rihanna, I’m digging this her new song #BBHMM, enjoy!

Address: Plot 1274, Nkwere Crescent, Garki 2, Abuja, Nigeria.
Phone: +234 704 085 0697

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    1. hahahah thanks ade for the comment! But we are not lazy all the time, just sometimes we feel like Bruno Mars and don’t feel like doing anything!

  1. See ur life? U couldn’t even cook at home on d so call easter, yet u were not happy paying just 13k for ur laziness. Good for u anyway

    1. Hahahah Mr Bassey stop hiding under this fake name! Lol If it was only 13k I paid..i think it would hv been ok…but stomach upset? Did i ask for that? In fact next blog will be about my cooking special..lesson learned

  2. Excellent write up… Biobak’s food is quite expensive but delicious… such a shame u had to flush it in the toilet

  3. Biobak… Eaten here twice. The first time was a wonderful experience firstly because it was the first time ever in my life that i had eaten fried catfish and secondly because it was a free meal by my colleague who was celebrating his birthday.

    Then i decided to go there again with a special friend. This time the bill was on me. It wasn’t funny. I remember a plate of rice and snails going for about 3 or 4k. The snail did the damage for me. Otherwise, this is a very cool place to hang out in and make small talk. Remember to avoid Biobak during lunchtime on a work day. My 2 cents!

    1. Thanks MaiSuya for the 2 cents, I don’t even know why snails should be so expensive when they are tasteless…I guess its for the medicinal value…

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