How to make Nigerian black soup
• Prep Time:
  30 minutes
• Total Time: Over 1 hr
• Region:       South-south (‘Benin’ Edo state)
• Misc :          Serve hot with “swallow

• 1 fresh fish (i used mackerel aka titus)
• 6 pieces beef
• 1 medium size smoked Fish
• 4 pieces pomo
• 1 cup periwinkle
• 1 cooking spoon ground crayfish
• 2 medium sized yellow pepper, ground
• 2 cups banga juice (palm fruit extract) or palm oil
• 1 medium bunch scent leaves
• 1 handful washed bitter leaves 
• 1 medium bunch uziza leaves
• 1 medium bunch ugwu leaves
• 2 seasoning cubes
• salt to taste
Step 1: The first step is to prepare the leaves. To prepare the already hand washed bitter leaves for extra precaution, it’s best to par-boil for about 10 minutes before re-washing with clean water just like it’s done when preparing bitter leaf soup. While doing this, make sure the pot is left uncovered otherwise it’d bubble out. Once you’re done boiling, strain with a sieve and rinse severally with cold water. Squeeze off excess water – Set Aside.



Soak the scent leaves, uziza leaves and ugwu leaves in salt water for 5 mins and rinse with clean water. Chop into smaller pieces with a knife and place in a a blender with the washed bitter leaves. Add a little water just to make the blades of the blender move an grind. Set this aside.
Step 2: Place the beef and pomo in a small pot, add the seasoning cubes and salt to taste. Cook for about 20 minutes till tender and the liquid in the pot reduces.



Step 3: Add the washed smoked fish and fresh fish, banga juice, blended pepper, crayfish, washed periwinkles and leave to cook further for about 10 minutes.



Gently pour in the blended vegetables, stir and cook for another 10-12 minutes before turning off the burner. Serve with your favorite form of swallow 

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