How to cook Asun

Asun ready to be demolished

Hi foodmily,  last week we had two days off work,  thanks to the Eid Mubarak celebration.  So you know we had to cook something special to celebrate the holiday.  As usual Chief Chef @fresh2cute took over the kitchen  with her Sous Chef @ekormawa to create a masterpiece, called  Asun.  And you all know that as a Chief Taste and Snapper  @xentricmi, I was there to make sure everything tasted and looked good…and it was just perfection.

For those of you who don’t know.. ASUN is a  Yoruba delicacy,  made with chopped goat meat and lots of pepper.  It’s considered as an appetizer.

Watch the video below


The set up

The Asun really went down well with the wine which made the heat of the red pepper a bit tolerable.  Be warned,  this was a really spicy dish.

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