GTBank Food and Drink Fair – The Summary

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The GTBank food and drink fair was an engaging two day affair, held at Plot 1 , Water Corporation Drive, Victoria-island, Lagos,  on May 1st and 2nd 2016 with the presence of 11 chefs,  90 exhibitors and thousands of food enthusiasts.
It was colourful, with a mix of different flavours and scents.  From mouthwatering barbecue, French fries, various kinds of rice, to delightful pastries. There was wine, there were cocktails from the flamboyant  mixologists at the different stalls….  There was everything! It was every food lover, aficionado, blogger’s dream. They even had master classes with renowned world class chefs and you had to be there to see the multitude who wanted to get in for the various sessions. I wasn’t that lucky though…

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Food (23 of 33)There were LOTS of people there, I’m guessing its because it was a Sunday and the next day was a public holiday. Remember people are always looking for places to go  and things to do. Plus I think GTBank’s publicity helped as well, because the Word was everywhere. So for me the experience was worthwhile. It was a place to relax, eat, hang out and generally network. I’m sure friendships and businesses were born as well. It was a good effort from GTBank, plus I commend them on handing out water and hand fans to people. Also, the toys and general area for children was cool as well. Not forgetting all the natural food and juice vendors. With every event though, there’s always room for improvement, and I’m sure GTBank and it’s team have sat down to analyse the pros and cons and what they need to do better for next time…

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For instance, I don’t think the master classes were well organised, or they didn’t expect the eventual number of people that showed up. They seemed overwhelmed by the crowd especially on the first day, but the second day was a bit controlled.
Things were quite expensive or just normal market prices. So people who thought they’d get some sort of deal or extra perks where disappointed.
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Some of the vendors were rude or nonchalant, or outright unfriendly. I guess they’d weigh you and see if you were worth their time…  I guess they were overwhelmed as well.  Won’t blame them though, it was hot and crowded. At the one place we got to ‘taste’  wine, the woman screamed at the guy serving us that he was pouring too much, and she didn’t think we were going to buy!  I wasn’t going to though, the wines were horrible. Trust me I would know.
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Plus I was personally pained  of all the ‘freebies’  promised in the promo, I didn’t get any, except for a goody bag with Strong bow cider. That’s wasn’t a bad idea, for people who actually drink alcohol though. So yes, not for everyone in the end.  Good job nonetheless.
You can watch the below clip from the event


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