Goat Meat and Facials.


The Boss Lady decides to take me for her facials appointment and the catch was that she promised to pay for my facials too. Trust your girl to jump on that freebie.

Anyway, on getting to the destination – Mashoria Arena at Gwarinpa, I realized that I had not eaten all day and was fermished! I was literally seeing double…

So the Boss Lady suggested I eat at their restaurant and blog about it…why not?

Off to the restaurant I went and quickly made my order – Pounded Yam and Ofe Oha (Oha Soup).

It took sometime for the food to be ready, I had to remind them several times that I had made an order ages ago and was too hungry for this “chere ka m bia” (wait I’m coming) game they were playing.

Anyway, the food finally arrived and I must confess it was worth the wait…if they had told me it would be like this, I would have given them more time.

Lets start with the goat meat because it made the dish! BIG! Everywhere in the plate, occupied! It was as if the meat was trying to prove something to me..like it was saying “I am goat meat! I am goat meat!”…I’m like okay chill, I can see that! Lol.

Its moments like this that I lose all decorum! Not only was the meat big, the soup was delicious, just the right amount of salt and spices. Well the pounded yam was made from yam powder, so it was ok but not as good as the organic pounded yam..but that didnt stop me from enjoying the soup and of course that goat meat.

I needed all kinds of toothpick and floss after eating the meat! The food costs me N1,700.00, not bad at all.

Enjoy the view!






Location: Mashoria Arena, No.C72, 52rd Road, Off 5th Ave, Gwarinpa, Abuja.

Phone No.: 08033339121

Facilities: Gym and Spa, Night Club, Restaurant,

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  1. You sure do have a nice boss. I’ve been to Mashoria Arena twice before, but only to their nighttime outdoor bar. Had dry roast catfish and i can guarantee that it was as good as your goat meat. They also had a live band, karaoke and other exciting attractions.

    It’s a great place to hang out and cool off from the hustle of the day. I think the best way to describe it is that it’s located behind Fidelity bank in Gwarimpa.

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