Free Small Chops! UBER has come again..

The last time it was free pizza,  now it’s free small chops…Is the change of food item as a result of lesson learnt from the last unsuccessful experience? I wonder
Once again I  am minding my business and then I  received an email from Uber promising to give its customers free small chops,  all you need to  do is use Uber at a specific time on Independence Day…. No problem…oh wait,  seems like its now a question of “fastest finger”…

          Hmmm that’s a new development.  That part was not included in the previous pizza promo… OK so now I know that if I don’t successfully  get my small chops on Independence Day,  I should blame it on my finger.
          Time to enroll my finger in the gym…. Track and field practice… Because,  I  must get my hands on those small chops. I deserve it! Why?  Because their marketing tricks worked on me oh… Oh yes,  I  admit, I am ashamed to say this but it’s true.  Although I said I was deleting the app from my phone in my last post (

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