Chop Cake! 

Why is it that everytime I decide to start a diet, I get invited to a birthday party and would be asked the tempting question “Cake?”… Ermm…Yes please, I would reply, thinking to myself, “I will start my diet tomorrow” . OH tomorrow is another friend’s birthday party  or wedding…. Arrrgghh I can’t take it any longer. 

I decided to start a gluten-free-vegan-diet, yes that’s the diet of champions *side eyes*, but it’s not been easy. The first week or two went well, but by the fourth and fifth week, I was craving suya so bad that I left my house late in the night searching for the nearest suya mallam. .. That suya hit the spot as the suya the next day.. Oh the struggle is real.

Now all my friends decided to celebrate their birthdays in October, why are there so many October babies anyway? One birthday every weekend, back to back, I get asked to eat not just cake but puff puff, samosa, spring rolls, chin chin… Don’t even ask me if there was no chicken and beef at the parties, I’ve given in to the temptation already, so I’m no longer on a gluten-free-vegan diet, I’m now struggling  to hang on to a gluten-free diet  lifestyle and oops! I just tasted a cake, tasting is different from eating, please take note, so I’m still on track *side eyes*.

Oh gods of diets come to my rescue, I want to start all over again, I believe I can do better, I’m sure there’s no birthday invite around the corner and if of there’s one, I have grown enough will-power to resist temptation so help me God.

Let me know in the comments section below if you can relate with my struggles.

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