Free Small Chops! UBER has come again..

The last time it was free pizza,  now it’s free small chops…Is the change of food item as a result of lesson learnt from the last unsuccessful experience? I wonder
Once again I  am minding my business and then I  received an email from Uber promising to give its customers free small chops,  all you need to  do is use Uber at a specific time on Independence Day…. No problem…oh wait,  seems like its now a question of “fastest finger”…

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How to cook Asun

Asun ready to be demolished

Hi foodmily,  last week we had two days off work,  thanks to the Eid Mubarak celebration.  So you know we had to cook something special to celebrate the holiday.  As usual Chief Chef @fresh2cute took over the kitchen  with her Sous

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I had Longer Throat at Traffic


On the menu: Longer Throat
Location : Traffic Bar and Restaurant,  8 Missouri St, Maitama
Price : N3,500
Rating: 5/5
Deliciousness… What is the difference between Longer Throat and Asun?

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