The Nigerian Fusion Food Tour by Chef Imoteda and Chef Fregz 

Chef Imoteda and Chef Fregz are on a mission to introduce the world to Nigerian Cuisines.  Their first stop was Abuja and we were there to taste and snap as usual. We enjoyed the six course meal so much..

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Review: Fresh Delish Plantain Chips

FreshDelish-20So after like three weeks of anticipation and longing, I finally got my tasty treats personally delivered by the owner of Fresh Delish plantain chips. YAAAAAAAAY!  I have to state here though that I  am not really a plantain chips fan to be honest, this is mainly due to the ‘calorie counting’ lifestyle I have adopted as well as the fact that I just got tired and disappointed in the available ones being sold nowadays… I think Fresh Delish might have changed that though, I just might become a believer all over again and it feels exciting like all new adventures .LOL!

Upon opening the bag of chips, I was impressed by the neatness of the packaging.

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GTBank Food and Drink Fair – The Summary

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The GTBank food and drink fair was an engaging two day affair, held at Plot 1 , Water Corporation Drive, Victoria-island, Lagos,  on May 1st and 2nd 2016 with the presence of 11 chefs,  90 exhibitors and thousands of food enthusiasts.
It was colourful, with a mix of different flavours and scents.  From mouthwatering barbecue, French fries, various kinds of rice, to delightful pastries. There was wine, there were cocktails from the flamboyant  mixologists at the different stalls….  There was everything! It was every food lover, aficionado, blogger’s dream. They even had master classes with renowned world class chefs and you had to be there to see the multitude who wanted to get in for the various sessions. I wasn’t that lucky though…
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