Addicted to Chipotle – Home Made Burrito


If you really know me, then you would know that “I LOVE CHIPOTLE“. Ok, some of you might not be familiar with the name Chipotle, so I will start from the very beginning…

Girl went to New York,

03/03/13 – My last burrito before I left New York for London…I’m not a fan of Chipotle’s Burrito in London, too much vinegar >_<

Girl was hungry,

Walking down midtown, opposite Bryant Park,

Girl sighted Chipotle Mexican GrillĀ  Restaurant,

Girl ordered her first chicken burrito,

It was love at first bite!

The End.



Its been 1 year since I got back to Nigeria and I have missed Chipotle burrito so bad that I had to make it myself! The ingredients were not hard to find except for the Pinto Beans (canned), which I saw in Amigos Supermarket, Wuse 2 for the first time after searching the whole of Abuja for them. Hence, I bought all the cans on the shelf. And another ingredient that was missing is sour cream. Please if you know where I can get sour cream in Abuja, kindly leave a comment to letting me know.

To learn how to make the chicken burrito, I watched the below video on YouTube

And the results:

wpid-20150222_1927122.jpg.jpeg wpid-1425167960540.jpg

wpid-20150222_2019162.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150222_2016392.jpg.jpeg wpid-20150222_2019392.jpg.jpeg

My verdict: I will give myself a 7/10 score, this is because although it tasted good, I just didn’t get the Chipotle smoked chicken taste, I wasn’t able to get sour cream, there was no grated cheese, and since the pinto beans as canned, it lacked that organic taste. So yeah, it was good but not great! But that wont stop me from trying to get that perfect taste, so stay tuned for my next post when I get it right.

Here are the ingredients I used:


I will leave you with these chipotle addict memes, ENJOY

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