Hi there! Welcome to Taste and Snap, so you might be wondering, what is this blog all about, well there is a story behind it…

I had just returned to Abuja from London after 3 years of travelling a bit and things had changed, new restaurants had sprung up and others had degenerated so I was in search of places to hang out with friends, eat and have a laugh….But it was not easy, some places I went to with friends were okay others were not worth it, so being always full of ideas, I thought to my self “you know what, I will start a website were people can post pictures of food and its location so that it would be easy for people like me to decide on were to go depending on my mood or the size of my pockets.”

So once again welcome to Taste and Snap, I hope you find this site useful and I would like to get your opinion on how to improve the site and also your participation by registering a n account to post pictures and the location of the food, a short review would also be nice and don’t forget to invite your friends to create their account as well so that Taste and Snap will be a huge community of people (foodies) who love food!

Thanks guys!


Taste it Snap it


Contact: foodie@tastensnap.com