2. Weight Loss Journey – Have a Snack

Dinner: Moi Moi, got so tired from running around the kids, I had to just heat up this protein packed yummyness

Ok, mia bellas, here is the thing, we all find ourselves in a situation where we forget to get our meal because we are so busy with our day to day activities. I got lucky here, I snacked on a mozzarella cheese sticks that is only 80 calories (love cheese). And for dinner I had moi moi that I made myself, with coconut oil and grilled chicken to give it a different twist (heated). Whenever possible I try to stay away from refine carbs like white rice, regular spaghetti and white bread, in general, I stick to food with high protein.

Snacked on one of these, it contains 80 calories and is very tasty for a cheese lover like myself


I worked out on the elliptical for an hour and did 30minutes of Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 level 1 and 30minutes shred level 2, just to mix things up, and added 5 minutes on the Ab glider. I know it’s a lot, but in order to get that washboard abs, I have to put stress on my body for it to adapt to burning more fat and building muscles. After my work out, I had 8oz of recovery protein mixed with water not milk (250calories) to balance things out. I try to give an hour or two hours maximum to work out.

Good night gorgeous and remember looking good is a great business. More confidence and great swags.

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