3. Weight Loss Journey – Fast Food

Breakfast: Had to go to the drive through at Jack in the Box. I had just the eggs and 2 pieces oh the pancakes. Lets not get calorie happy 😉

Here is the thing ladies, today was strictly errand day, so I ate all my food from the drive through. Yes, I said it drive through. As I said before this is more of a lifestyle thing, not starvation or deprivation. I had my breakfast and lunch from Jack in the Box and dinner from KFC. However, I tend to pick what I eat and also take note of my potions. I had the full breakfast platter from Jack in the Box but only ate the eggs and two pancakes. While at lunch I enjoyed the tasteless chicken fajita (took out all the stuff in it and ate only the chicken). And for dinner I had two grilled drumstick from KFC note I did not eat the biscuit nor mashed potatoes that came with it, just the chicken. Throughout the day, I drank 740z of water and two cups of green tea. My workout was easy today because I was extremely tired. Level 1 Ripped in 30 by Jillian Michaels and thirty minutes on the elliptical. OK Ciao Bella’s

Chicken Fajitas: Lunch was also from Jack in the Box, today was me taking a break from the kitchen so my entire meal of the day was from the drive through





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