1. A Weight Loss Journey – Intro

Breakfast- 2 slices of whole wheat toast (120calories), half a grapefruit (45calories), two teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter (180 calories) and my all-time favorite a cup of green tea and stevia.( 0 calories) 1 bottle of water (20oz)

Alright ladies, I am a mom of three and an exercise junkie, current weight 140lbs trying to get rid of the 30lbs/13Kg. After my third baby I was 175lbs/79Kg, lost 35lbs/15Kg with 30lbs/13Kg to go. We all know that what we eat determines what we look like. Yep it does! For many who don’t know, if you eat right, you look right. You can’t eat pizza all week and expect to have an hour-glass figure. Nope never going to happen, and yes we can all look great and have fabulous abs, we just need to work hard to achieve it and keep junk foods off.

However some lucky ladies don’t need to work as hard but still have to work out it to really look great. Stop wishing to look like a celebrity, the celebrities have nutritionist, personal trainer, personal chef and a very good plastic/ cosmetic surgeon with loads of cash to spend.

It is all about calories in, calories out. We should burn more calories than we consume. It is possible to eat the right food and still remain overweight, if we pay attention to what we eat, we would realize what we do wrong and what we are doing right. Exercise is important to our health, it is not just to help us keep fit, but also to help us stay healthy. With that said, join me on the 30lbs/13Kg weight loss journey. The goal is to lose 30lbs by May 2015. YEP May, weight loss is a lifestyle and losing weight the right way is key to keep it off for good.

Lunch: One cup of broccoli, one cup of carrots, steamed with pan seared fish filet

Every day I will take pictures of my daily meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner including snacks. And also detail the calorie content of each meal together with the exercise. The goal is to eat between 1000 to 1200 calories daily not more and burn about 2500 calories working out. Join me ladies on this challenge and remember we all can lose weight, and we are stronger than we think. Look out for pictures of my before and after pictures. I know lots of people might not want to splurge on work out videos and equipment, thanks to YouTube we don’t have to, although I will be using the Elliptical and the ProForm Ab Glider to elevate my heart rate, not forgetting the dumbbells (5-10lbs)/(2-4Kg) to build more muscles and strength.

Current weight 140Ibs/63.5Kg
At 115Ibs before the kids
After three kids



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