Street Chef Episode 1

In this episode of Street Chef we went to the street of the Federal Capital City, To ask people the methods of cooking Egusi soup

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Food Talk Episode 1

There is  a common saying that “we are what we eat”, but how true is that? Are we really what we eat? We went to streets of the Federal Capital to find out what people eat in the city.

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The Nigerian Fusion Food Tour by Chef Imoteda and Chef Fregz 

Chef Imoteda and Chef Fregz are on a mission to introduce the world to Nigerian Cuisines.  Their first stop was Abuja and we were there to taste and snap as usual. We enjoyed the six course meal so much..

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Chicken Salad,  Sandwiches and Moi Moi-Chicken Republic Online


This to me is the best online food order experience in town.  Chicken Republic is now online and they have got the game on lock down.

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Free Small Chops! UBER has come again..

The last time it was free pizza,  now it’s free small chops…Is the change of food item as a result of lesson learnt from the last unsuccessful experience? I wonder
Once again I  am minding my business and then I  received an email from Uber promising to give its customers free small chops,  all you need to  do is use Uber at a specific time on Independence Day…. No problem…oh wait,  seems like its now a question of “fastest finger”…

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UBER where is the Pizza? 

You see,  I  was on my own minding my business when Uber announced that on Thursday,  1st of September they will be giving out Free Pizzas through their collaboration with The Gourmet Pizza Company in Abuja…well I  am yet to receive my pizza still in the oven,  stone or Stomach oven,  I wonder….

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This Burrito is 355 Percent Good


Ok this is the story of the best Chicken Burrito in town… Hands and legs down!  You guys know by now that I love anything in wrap, especially Mexican food,  like Burrito, Fajitas, Tacos etc…My best Mexican Food Restaurant is Chipotle  in the US and since they have not expanded to Nigeria,  I  had to either make my own wraps or try my luck with Nigerian Restaurants that claim to serve Mexican cuisines…

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How to cook Asun

Asun ready to be demolished

Hi foodmily,  last week we had two days off work,  thanks to the Eid Mubarak celebration.  So you know we had to cook something special to celebrate the holiday.  As usual Chief Chef @fresh2cute took over the kitchen  with her Sous

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You are Invited to World Sickle Cell Barbecue by MissDee Foundation


Missdee 4 Sickle Cell presents ‘World Sickle Cell day Barbecue and Fashion show’ – a chilled out day with loads of food, drinks and a fashion show to mark world sickle cell day.

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Review: Fresh Delish Plantain Chips

FreshDelish-20So after like three weeks of anticipation and longing, I finally got my tasty treats personally delivered by the owner of Fresh Delish plantain chips. YAAAAAAAAY!  I have to state here though that I  am not really a plantain chips fan to be honest, this is mainly due to the ‘calorie counting’ lifestyle I have adopted as well as the fact that I just got tired and disappointed in the available ones being sold nowadays… I think Fresh Delish might have changed that though, I just might become a believer all over again and it feels exciting like all new adventures .LOL!

Upon opening the bag of chips, I was impressed by the neatness of the packaging.

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